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    14 of the best conservation travel blogs to follow

    Posted: June 6, 2021

    You can travel the world and learn about conservation without even jumping on a plane. Just journey to your favourite spot in the house, settle in and set off on an adventure with the best conservation-travel blogs. 

    From foodies city-hopping in pursuit of tasty meals, to a slow-travel couple putting the environment first, we have put together a list of some of our best conservation-travel blogs that can take you anywhere you want to go.

    So let’s pack our bags, hop on board – please note your boarding gate number – and see where the journey takes us. 

    1) Nomadasaurus


    Step into the lives of Australian perpetual-travellers Alesha and Jarryd, who both started out as solo adventurers. In 2008, they crossed paths at a hostel in Vancouver, Canada, marking the beginning of their couples-travel blog. 

    What started out as them documenting an overland trip from Asia to Africa turned into years of travel blog entries describing adventures in Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand and South Africa, to name but a few. 

    Their blog is all about providing the practical tips and tricks that could help anyone to become a travel blogger. And each of their explorations has a strong stance on sustainable travel, and realising travel dreams without affecting the main attraction – the Earth. 

    Have a look at their travel conservation blog for inspiration, information and preparation before you sign up for a conservation program abroad

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    2) Rob Greenfield


    For a more detailed look at how to live more sustainably, Rob Greenfield’s travel conservation blog has all the information you need.

    Rob is an adventurer who’s cycled across the USA on a bamboo bike, and has travelled across eight Central American countries without a cent in his pocket. He shows how sustainable living and sustainable travel aren’t just nice ideas. They’re doable.

    His blog will take your understanding of sustainable living to new heights. Rob is the founder of the Food Waste Fiasco campaign, which is aimed at ending food waste and hunger in the USA. And when he isn’t out campaigning, you may find him in his 50 square foot (about 15 square metres) tiny home in San Diego – no we didn’t forget a zero. He’s incorporated earth-friendly aspects into every area of his daily life. 

    This is a blog that takes the unknown out of sustainable living practices. It’ll have you gearing up to make an impact wherever you are by showing you how to drop your carbon footprint to the lowest levels yet. 

    And eventually, you can take your new-found skills and use them to make a sustainable impact abroad

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    3) Uncornered Market: Travel Wide, Live Deep


    Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are travellers who live by the motto, “driven by curiosity, guided by respect.” Their blog is a representation of this.

    These tourism-development professionals use their travel experience and passion for sustainability to advise not only travel aficionados, but big business too. Their focus is on making the tourism sector more sustainable. And they’re also keen on showing travellers how to preserve and learn about culture and the environment while travelling. 

    Having been all around the world, this couple could probably fill you in on any destination you can think to travel to. Get clued up on responsible tourism to ensure that you have a neutral or positive impact when travelling abroad

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    4) Travel For Wildlife


    Hal and Cristina’s passion for wildlife encouraged them to travel the world in the hopes of seeing as much wildlife as they possibly could. More than that, they hoped to promote conservation through responsible wildlife tourism.

    Covering topics such as responsible travel, wildlife tour reviews, species spotlights, and lodging reviews, they provide a wide spread of travel-destination and conservation information.

    By pairing top-class photography with information-packed articles, they’ve created a great source of information if you’re looking for ways to get involved in conservation yourself.

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    5) Verdemode


    Verdemode offers a blog that can blow the lid off what you thought you knew about sustainable living.

    This blog discusses eco-travel, sustainable living and even eco-friendly ethical business practices and green design. It even offers a mix of budget and travel advice with an earth-friendly focus.

    Its founder, Linda, has been an eco-traveller since 2011. Her philosophy is that attitude and education are everything – meaning that making small, informed decisions is the key to making a substantial impact.

    Use this blog as inspiration to put a sophisticated spin on your sustainable lifestyle. While you travel abroad, take note of the sustainable practices that are already part of daily life for different cultures around the world.

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    6) Every Steph


    For somewhat of a different take on responsible travel, why not journey through the blog of a traveller whose suitcase staples include a hat and lipstick?

    Stefania Guglielmi is an Italian traveller, and her blog is first and foremost about the joys of travel. 

    But, she also has a keen interest in making sure that she leaves behind as little of an environmental impact as she possibly can.

    Her blog is laid-back, entertaining, and informative. It’s good for dipping your toes into the world of travel while keeping your carbon footprint in mind. And it emphasises the fact that conservation efforts begin with a sustainable mindset.

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    7) Mindful Wanderlust: Adventurous Kind Compassionate Vegan Travel


    This blog is the creation of Giselle and Cody, a vegan couple who’ve brought together food, art and a passion for responsible travel. 

    Their blog has a focus on the global sustainable food scene, but they also dive into a range of other topics – including conservation.

    Take a look at the broader picture of travel by reading up on how it involves art, animal rights, human rights, culture, vegan food, working with animals and anything else that gets these bloggers excited. 

    Let Mindful Wanderlust give you a glimpse of how you can bring together what really matters to you and become part of the global conservation community

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    8) Ecobnb


    Ecobnb is all about offering sustainable travel solutions that make for more sustainable tourism. Their hope is to be part of the movement towards tourism that respects nature, the economy and local communities. 

    Their main focus is providing eco-friendly accommodation, and their blog is centred around the eco-tourism scene in Europe. It’s a mix of environmental news and travel perspectives that also raises questions about why people travel as a means of promoting environmental conservation.

    This blog offers top-class travel tips with destination-specific insights. It also challenges travellers to take a serious look at their own travel histories, and adapt to more eco-friendly travel in ways that are practical but effective. 

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    9) Charlie on Travel


    Charlie and her partner Luke have let their passion for the environment influence the way they choose to see the world. And they’ve settled on a slow-travel view.

    Slow travel is slow-paced travel that focuses on experiencing the local culture, and supporting the communities travelled to. This can make for a more meaningful travel experience.

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    10) Dr. James Borrell


    As a conservation biologist based at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Dr. James Borrell’s expeditions and fieldwork – to rainforests, deserts and other terrains – provide on-point content for this blog.

    And he puts a positive spin on what can often become a gloomy talk about conservation and why it matters. 

    James focuses on encouraging and inspiring young conservationists. This is an excellent place for aspiring conservationists to see what this type of work is all about, and how it’s making an impact globally. 

    Get into some of Dr. James’s thought-provoking blog content and get your conservation journey off to a solid start. 

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    11) Nomad is Beautiful


    Ivana and Gianni are living their dream of travelling the world and encouraging others to do the same. Their writing, photography, and videography skills have seen their travel conservation blog becoming one of the most popular there is.

    Their travel blog – which has a broad focus – has been running for almost seven years and touches on conservation topics and animal rights issues.

    Their blog also contains compilations featuring other activists, travellers, and people from the communities they’ve travelled to. 

    Gain a global perspective that’s about more than just pretty scenery from the travel conservation blog of these digital nomads. 

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    12) The CrowdedPlanet: Finding Nature Everywhere


    And just when you thought that sustainable tourism meant you needed to be a good planner, along came Margherita and Nick with their blog “The Crowded Planet”. 

    These two are always up for an adventure, but since they’re not the best at planning, they’ve gotten comfortable with learning as they go. After numerous requests from friends to assist with travel itineraries and tips, this blog was created to share their experiences. 

    But it’s not all about the ski-slopes of Italy or the mountain trails of Cuba, these bloggers aren’t afraid to dive into some of conservation’s heavier topics, because environmental conservation is a big part of why they love to travel.

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    13) Lori Saving Wild


    And when it comes to expert advice, who better than Lori Robinson who’s been travelling across Africa for more than 34 years pin-pointing all the best spots and experiences? 

    She’s a self-proclaimed Jane Goodall wannabe, and her travel advice is always served up with a side of animal conservation awareness. 

    Having grown up in a house where the swimming pool was home to a sea turtle, alligator, and duck, it’s no wonder that she’s had a lifelong interest in animal rights and education.

    This blog can take you through almost every inch of Africa, and show you how the only way to have a fab African adventure is to first consider the well-being of African animals. 

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    14) Sidetracked


    Because it’s a great place to find travel guides and blog articles with a conservation focus, we’ve included this travel magazine in our list.

    Covering both conservation and adventure, this online resource delves into extreme-adventure stories with the world’s best scenery as a backdrop. 

    So if you’re an adrenaline-seeker, it’s okay to be sidetracked by this particular travel magazine.

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    At this point, you’ll either be raring to go on a trip abroad, or feeling like you’ve already been taken around the world. That’s travel blogs for you, they’ve got something for every adventurer. But perhaps their most meaningful attribute is how they can put you in the same place as conservation efforts all around the world.

    Take a look at GVI’s conservation-travel blog and find out how you can volunteer in conservation in countries such as South Africa, Thailand, and Greece!