Every year GVI welcome 1000’s of students who join our programs for a multitude of reasons; for adventure, fun, to see the world, to make an impact. Whatever the reason students find a GVI program not only allows them to see the world but also allows invaluable career development opportunities at the same time.


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Student Volunteering  Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a wonderful and proven way to boost your own skills, confidence, practical working knowledge and of course CV. With competition for jobs becoming fiercer and fiercer, employers are looking for someone who stands out form the crowd. International travel, cultural exchange, self-confidence and practical professional experience certainly combine to offer this. We have seen many of our alumni go on to successfully find jobs and careers related to their volunteering experience, Indeed, 50 % of our own staff have joined us as volunteers or interns initially! By having unique practical experience on your CV it has helped many others to obtain jobs and kick start careers even when their volunteering experience has not been directly related.

Travel and Cultural Immersion Abroad

Travelling with GVI allows you to experience the world unavailable to normal tourists. You will become truly immersed in different local cultures whilst also working with international teams. Traveling with GVI means you get to do and see things that are not available anywhere else. From working in restricted national parks to living with sensitive communities you will have many life changing moments that will provide a lifetime of memories.

International Internships For Career Development

GVI’s range of internships are ideal for those that already know their career path and wish to start it! Our internships are 24 weeks in duration, with the initial 12 weeks spent learning and training and working as a volunteer, gaining the theoretical knowledge and practical working experience you will need to achieve a local work placement in the second 12 weeks. Work placements are related to the field of volunteering undertaken, and we offer internship opportunities in marine research, diving, environmental research, teaching, education, arts, sports, health and community development. Our Alumni show the internships to be great routes into employment, as do our staff (over 50 % of our staff have come through this route).


Our high quality, award winning volunteer programs have received university credit from many UK and international universities and colleges around the world. We offer practical, professional work experience opportunities for both undergraduates and post graduates in a diverse range of fields, including environmental biodiversity and sustainability, marine sciences, education and teaching, arts, sports, health and social sciences. Our programs allow students the opportunity to live and work within the “classroom” of their chosen field of study, from coral reefs, rainforests and African savannahs, to African townships and slums, Latin American shanty towns, Asian villages and island communities.

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