A Lung Full of Adventure

Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster Internship in Fiji

Enter the world of scuba diving by acquiring a professional diving qualification while gaining work experience in marine conservation.

Durations:  24 weeks

Program information

Your PADI divemaster qualification is one of many skills you will acquire while participating on this program. Participants undergo an extensive training programme and gain in-depth knowledge about the marine ecosystem, which is also put to work in the form of data collection and assisting with research on tropical coral reefs and fish species.

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Included in your program

Make the most of our unique programs with these exclusively curated local adventure and wellness experiences.

Learn to cook iTaukei food

Make a traditional drink from kava root

Learn indigenous plant medicine

Hike to the top of Tova Peak

Fish with iTaukei women

Weave a traditional mat

Visit Vatu-i-Ra Conservation Park

Boat to Leleuvia Island

Connect with our alumni
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Martin Byrne

15 Aug, 2018
I would have enjoyed the volunteering experience immensely even without the intern experience. The extra involvement in the project that is given to the interns gave me a great feeling of ‘ownership’ for what we were doing. The longer length of time spent on the base by the interns is great too because it gives us a chance to see the progress and difference that the programme is making. Why did you choose to do an internship with GVI? I’ve been a diver for years and have always had an interest in marine conservation. I had been considering pursuing a career in the diving industry for some time so when I got the chance to join the project it seemed natural to pick the internship. It seemed a good way to give a bit back to the marine environment from which I’ve gotten so much enjoyment over the years whilst furthering my own interests in the process. And to be honest, what diver wouldn’t want to spend six months diving in Fiji? How did your internship help you achieve your personal and professional goals? I gained a lot of insight whilst on the project, and my attitudes and values have changed to reflect this. I’m a lot more aware now about how interrelated the marine and terrestrial environments are and how fragile they can be. I’ve also gained a great appreciation and respect for communities which don’t have the luxuries that the western world takes for granted. I also gained a valuable new skill and qualification, coming away as a Divemaster at the end of the programme and hopefully a new career direction Has your GVI internship helped you develop your career and be more employable? Would you recommend your internship from a professional and personal development perspective? Yes it has! It’s now my intention to train as an open water scuba instructor and to return to the resort at which I sat my internship work placement, where I’ve been offered the resorts instructor position after the completion of my course. I’d also like to remain involved with the volunteering sector and would hope to return to GVI at some point in the future, either in the capacity of an instructor or as a volunteer.

Howard Foster

25 Mar, 2016
I have been very impressed by GVI and their work ethic in Fiji. It has been refreshing to see a volunteer organisation that prioritises the needs of the community and the targeted nature of the volunteer contribution.