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As more and more higher education institutions and academic departments are adding a completed internship to their graduation requirements, more college students are feeling the pressure to find time to fit them into their schedules. The only time many have to complete a full internship is during the summer months. Only if an internship is not a course requirement are they able to complete one in the summer after graduation.

But even when institutions put internships on the requirement list, it’s still your responsibility as the student to find the right one. So how then do you get a summer internship? Do you scour ads early and grab one as soon as applications open? Or maybe you’ve been so swamped with coursework that it’s already January when you frantically type ‘I need an internship this summer’ into the search bar hoping to find ones still open, with no thought to whether they might actually be exciting or interesting.   

GVI has some of the best summer internships in sustainability studies available in 13 countries around the world. Each is designed to be an awesome work and learning experience where you’ll get to perfect your technical expertise in the outdoors and develop teamwork as well as leadership skills. Housing and three meals will be provided and you’ll be free on the weekends to explore your new surroundings. GVI internships run throughout the year, including the summer months, either for a short 12 weeks or a longer term of 24. Students who have successfully concluded their internship will earn a certificate of completion as well as signed letter of recommendation.

GVI summer internships can be booked at any time, right up until the last minute before the program starts. They aren’t posted on a specific date, but are available for booking two years in advance. That means you no longer need to stress about when exactly it is you should be looking to apply to a summer internship, just find one with us that still has spots available whenever you have the time.

Already ready to book? Browse our selection of programs to find one in your field and apply to join today for an epic internship experience this summer.

Summer Internships For High School Students

All of our volunteer abroad programs for teens can be converted into internships. High schoolers who choose the internship option will not only be engaged in fieldwork but will also complete a leadership course and we’ll connect them with a mentor on base who will discuss their progress with them every week. Teen summer internship opportunities are available for high schoolers looking to explore a career in international sustainable development, teaching, childcare, marine biology and conservation science.

Summer Internships For College Students

All our other internships are available for college-aged students at any level, from college freshman who have just started their undergraduate degrees, sophomores, final years, and even those who are in graduate school. Although most of our programs are created to allow those with very little specific experience to join, if you already have a specialised set of skills and technical knowledge our internships will give you the chance to try out your expertise in the field.

Global Public Health Summer Internship

If you are passionate about creating greater wellbeing in communities around the world through awareness and engagement initiatives our summer preventative healthcare and epidemiology internships abroad the perfect choice. We run nutrition, hygiene and first aid workshops in Nepal and South Africa to help underprivileged communities in these regions develop healthier habits, and assist local partners with setting up systems for collecting data related to behavioural trends, health indicators and environmental factors.      

Occupational Therapy Summer Internships

For those students who specialise in occupational therapy we offer internship opportunities in Mexico, India, and Thailand. Students assist qualified special needs teachers and therapists with conducting physical therapy sessions and teaching self care behaviours as well as vocational skills.




Psychology Internships

Those with an interest in mental health and its clinical treatment  choose our healthcare internship  in Kochi, India, where GVI interns help out at a local homeless relief settlement. You will help staff at the facility conduct vocational training and assessments as well as group art therapy sessions. If your interest is in special needs development our program in India is still a good choice. You can also join our  health care programs in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and Phang Nga, Thailand if you are looking to gain experience in the special needs education and therapy field. Psychology students looking to specialise in child development, would also benefit from joining  our teaching or community development internships in any of our locations around the world.

Social Work Summer Internships

Our community development internships are not only ideal for those looking to further their career in international development or international relations, but are also an excellent choice for those who plan to do social work in their own home country.

Work on these projects will be varied, from running workshops to create awareness around domestic abuse as well as women and children's rights and teaching men and boys about consent and how gender stereotypes can be harmful, to running nutrius cooking and menstrual health classes.

Community development internships will also prove themselves to be fascinating for sociology majors who will get the chance to see how different cultures respond to range of personal, familial, communal, environmental, national and international factors.



Summer Teaching Internships For College Students

Future teachers can turn to GVI when they need to complete the practical portion of their course. Students joining our education internships in Thailand, Laos and Costa Rica will not only get the chance to work with learners from a wide range of age groups and with varying levels of competency, but will also have the option to earn a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate during their time with us. English majors, looking to move into the education field, can also use our teaching internships gain experience working with children.




Business Summer Internships

Are you an ambitious young business management student? Why not join our business internship in Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll learn first-hand about the challenges entrepreneurs in the developing world face by working one-on-one with small to medium business owners operating in one of Cape Town’s township communities. We welcome students with a range of business expertise including, accounting, finance and banking, marketing and public relations, or even human resources, to join the program if they are looking to develop their consulting or management proficiency. The internship is especially suited to those looking to complete an mba summer internship project, specifically if they’re interested in what startups need to do to be successful in the developing world.



Environmental Summer Internships

Aspiring environmental scientists will find a home at one of our remote conservation bases in South Africa, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Fiji, Greece, Mexico or Thailand. Both undergraduate and grad students are welcome to join one of our conservation research summer internships.

If wildlife or animal science is your speciality, might we suggest our South African wildlife internship where you’ll get to work with park rangers on maintaining a private reserve near the famous Kruger National Park. You could also learn about rainforest biodiversity in Costa Rica’s Tortuguero park or reintegrating tamed animals back into the wild in Thailand. For those with a focus is coastal and island conservation travel to our bases in Seychelles, Greece or Thailand to complete your research project.  

Our marine science internships in Fiji, Seychelles and Mexico will provide you not only with experience surveying underwater environments but you’ll  also a earn your PADI Divemaster’s while you’re at it. On each of these marine projects you can participate in reef conservation research and participate in preservation efforts.




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